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Henan Shunxin is one of organic fertilizer machine manufacturers in China. We mainly manufacture organic fertilizer making machines and compound fertilizer equipment, and sell them at home and aboard. Among these machines, the organic fertilizer production equipment mainly consists of compost making machine and machines for deep processing (crushing, screening, granulating, packaging). On the hand, Shunxin commits to design and produce manure to fertilizer machines, so as to fully utilize organic waste and create green life. On the other hand, we also provide organic fertilizer production business plan and installation instruction for our customers. If you want to produce useful organic fertilizer from organic waste, Shunxin will be your best equipment supplier.

3D Design Layouts for Orgnaic Fertilizer Plants Provided by SEEC Engineer Team
3D Design Layouts for Orgnaic Fertilizer Plants Provided by SEEC Engineer Team

What kinds of compost making machines can Shunxin provide you?

Compost making equipment is a useful tool during organic waste composting, which can adjust temperature, water content and air content of the compost pile. As we all know, organic fertilizer is usually made of degradable organic waste. Generally speaking, organic waste cannot be directly applied as fertilizer. On the one hand, organic fertilizer like animal manure will produce heat by direct application, which will do harm to roots of crops and plants. Meanwhile, animal waste may contain pathogens, weed seeds and eggs, which will do harm to soil and plants. On the other hand, organic waste like sludge may contains heavy metal, and you must dispose it before application. There are two kinds of compost production machines, compost turner and fully automatic composting machine.


Shunxin compost turner for quick composting

Generally speaking, you can stack organic waste in the form of windows or place them in fermentation grooves. The former mode means that you need to pile up organic materials in long rows, and the cross section of compost pile is usually trapezoid or half round. On the contrary, the later mode means that you should build a groove and place organic materials in it. In addition, the depth and width of groove can be designed according to compost turner you choose. In order to meet different requirements from customers at different levels of demand. We provide windrow compost turners, compost turners for groove type composting, large scale and small scale compost turner. And the detailed information is as follows. In a word, all these machines are used for making a quick composting and producing high-quality organic fertilizer.

SEEC self-propelled compost turner for poultry manure composting

Industrial Composting Machine

Along with the development of modernization, people pay more attention to environment protection and green living. Composting becomes an efficient ...
Self-propelled compost turner for farm waste disposal

Organic Waste Composting Machine

What is organic waste? Most organic waste is the product of human activity. On the one hand, too much organic ...
groove type compost turner

Commercial Composting Equipment

Organic fertilizer is a new type of green fertilizer with comprehensive nutrition and abundant organic matters. The long-term application of ...
Crawler type compost turner for sale

Windrow Composting equipment

Windrow composting is one way to convert organic waste into organic fertilizer. For this method, you should pile organic waste ...
Forklift compost turner for sale

Small Scale Compost Turner

Composting is an efficient way to deal with organic waste. In order to make quality compost in a short time, ...
Chain Type Compost Mulch Turner for Sale

Large Scale Compost Turner Machine

Large scale compost turner machine has higher capacity to deal with organic waste composting and accelerate compost period. Therefore, you ...
Moving type compost turner for sale

Compost Turner for Sale

With the development of agriculture and economy, people pay more attention to organic, healthy and green food. Therefore, organic fertilizer ...

Fully automatic composting machine

Compared with compost turner, Shunxin fermentation pot belongs to fully automatic composting machine. To be exact, you can put organic waste into fermentation pot after pretreatment, such as dehydrating, adding auxiliary materials (sawdust, straw and so on), and adding fermentation strain. And then the fermentation pot can finish automated fermentation in 7-10 days. It is noteworthy that this equipment has temperature sensor, air supply system, biological deodorization equipment and inner stirring apparatus. And all these components can automatically control the composting process. In addition, its volume ranges from 3m3 to 150 m3, which can meet your requirements on dealing with organic waste of different scales. At the same time, Shunxin fully automatic composting machine will save more space and workforce, and largely shorten fermentation period to create more profits.

Fermentation tank for sale
Fully automatic composting machine can convert organic waste into organic fertilizer in short time. After composting, the odor of organic waste will disappear and the volume will decrease. Due to special design and apparatus, SEEC fully automatic composting machine can finish composting in 7 to 10 days. What’ more, this equipment can complete sterilization ...
Animal waste composting equipment
Fermentation tank is a kind of organic compost making machine, which is used for aerobic composting of organic waste. As we all know, the process of organic waste fermentation includes ventilation, temperature control, turning of compost pile, water content control, harmless control and thorough fermentation of organic waste. And we ...
Complete waste to fertilizer production line
Waste to fertilizer machine is mainly used for converting various biodegradable materials (also called “organic waste”) to nutrient-rich compost and fertilizer. In a complete waste to fertilizer production process, different waste converter machines play different and important roles. You can make compost from organic wastes with compost machine. Meanwhile, you ...

Common organic waste for composting (animal manure)

Many common organic wastes in our daily life can be made into organic fertilizer. They usually include animal manure and other auxiliary materials. When you want to produce commercial organic fertilizer, in view of nutrient values of final product, the content of animal manure will occupy at least 60% during composting.

Self-propelled compost turner for composting animal waste

Composting Animal Waste

Animal manure is common in daily life, including poultry manure, livestock manure and so on. Animal manure compost contains multiple ...
Self-propelled compost turner for composting animal waste

Composting Cattle Manure

Composting is a good way to deal with cattle manure. Cow manure compost is excellent soil amendment, which can improve ...
Wheel type compost turner for sale

Horse Manure Management

Generally speaking, one horse can produce 9 tons manure one year. Methods to deal with these manures is a challenge ...
SEEC sludge solid-liquid separator

Sludge Composting

As by-product of municipal sewage plant, sewage sludge contains plenty of organic waste, which is biodegradable. And the random discharge ...
Groove type compost turner for composting pig manure

Composting Pig Manure

As a kind of common livestock, pig not only provides pork for people in daily life, but also produce manure ...
Aerobic fermentation pot for chicken poop compost

How to Make Chicken Poop Compost

Making chicken poop compost is a wise way to deal with chicken manure. By composting, chicken poop will become nutrient-rich ...

Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment for Processing Organic Waste

5 ton per hour pan granulator organic fertilizer production line
5 ton per hour pan granulator organic fertilizer production line

Besides making organic fertilizer for personal use, most production of organic fertilizer is for commercial and industrial purpose. Therefore, you need organic fertilizer manufacturing process to deep processing fermented organic fertilizer. In order to give you an intuitive understanding, we take the production process of vermicompost, chicken waste, cow dung and bio organic fertilizer as examples. All these organic wastes can be made into powder and granules. The powdery organic fertilizer production line is simpler than granular organic fertilizer production line. But granular organic fertilizer organic fertilizer is more convenient for transport, storage and application. Therefore you can choose suitable one according to your actual requirements. And the detailed process is as follows.

Organic Manure Fertilizer Making Machine
Manure making machine is used for making organic manure fertilizer from various animal manure. Generally speaking, animal manure is a good raw material for making organic fertilizer. In view of terrible smell, potential harmful microorganisms and secondary fermentation, people usually ...
Turnkey Solutions on Organic Fertilizer Production Process
Different with chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer derived from organic waste. On the contrary, chemical fertilizer is always made from artificial nutrient elements. Because the long application of chemical fertilizer will cause adverse effect on plants and soil, organic fertilizer become ...
Vermicompost production line
As we all know, organic fertilizer becomes more and more popular, due to its strong function and obvious fertilizer efficiency. On the other hand, the raw material of organic fertilizer is usually organic waste, such as manure from livestock and ...
Small scale granular organic fertilizer production line
The organic fertilizer production usually adopts common organic waste as raw materials, including animal waste, agricultural waste (straw and rich straw,etc) and so on. By producing organic fertilizer from organic waste, you can not only realize recycling of nutrients in ...
Chicken waste organic fertilizer production line
SEEC solutions on chicken waste processing is to make organic fertilizer from chicken manure. As the byproduct of chicken breeding, the disposal of chicken waste is a difficult problem. On the one hand, if you freely pile chicken manure up ...
Animal waste composting equipment
As we all know, composting is one of the economic solutions to deal with compostable products, that is organic waste. As the final product of composting, organic waste compost is a kind of high-quality organic fertilizer. In addition, you also can make organic waste compost into powder or pellets. The ...
Groove Type Compost Turner for Agricultural Waste Composting in Trench
Agricultural waste is the byproducts of agriculture production. Its sources is wide, such as farmland, poultry or livestock farm, plantation and so on. How to dispose the agricultural waste? Composting will be the best choice. Because organic waste can become nutrient-rich organic fertilizer by composting. However, not all agricultural waste ...
As one source of organic fertilizer, poultry manure contains multiple nutrient elements. But most of these elements is not directly available for plants. Therefore, in order to make organic matter in poultry manure into absorbable nutrients, composting is necessary. During poultry manure composting process, microorganisms will digest or decompose organic ...
Pan Type Gruanlar Organic Fertilizer Line for 20,000 per year fertilizer plants
Cow dung is one of materials for making organic fertilizer. Furthermore, you need do many works for processing it and uses many related machines. As professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SEEC provides you high-quality cow dung processing machine. Meanwhile, it also provide you related information on processing. In addition, SEEC ...
Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line
With the development of agriculture and technology, many types of fertilizer has appeared. As emerging organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer production becomes hot spot in fertilizer industry and agricultural materials consumption. Because the quality of bio organic fertilizer directly affects its application effect, we should pay more attention to production ...

Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment for Deep Processing

There are different organic fertilizer making machines for the two types production lines. We will separately introduce related organic fertilizer production equipment in the following parts.

Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment

The production of powdery organic fertilizer does not need complex process. And the production consists of the following machines:

New type vertical crusher

It is used for eliminating potential caking or larger materials in composted organic fertilizer.

New type vertical crusher
New type vertical crusher

New Type Vertical Crusher

  • Model: FLF-600, FLF-800, FLF-1000
  • Capacity: 3-15 t/h
  • Power: 22-37 kw
  • Color: Blue (can be customized)
  • Application: Manure of livestock and poultry, oil cake and so on.

Rotary screen machine

It is used for separating unqualified powder from organic fertilizer power with qualified size. This equipment guarantees the uniform and purity of final product.

Rotary screen machine
Rotary screen machine

Rotary Screen Machine

  • Model: GS-1020, 1030, 1240, 1540, 1560, 2080
  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Power: 3-11 kw
  • Application: Various fermented organic waste powder or pellets

Fertilizer stock bin

It is used before packaging. You can use it for temporary storage of organic fertilizer powder, which can make sure the steady operation of packaging.

Stock bin
Stock bin

Packaging machine

Shunxin packaging equipment for powdery organic fertilizer can conduct quantitative weighing and packing. Moreover, you can set the weight of each bag according to your selling needs. In addition, if you have any special requirements on the equipment, we can customize it for you.

Single bucket packaging scale
Single bucket packaging scale

Packing machine

Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Fertilizer bagging machine is used for quantitative packing of fertilizer, both for powder and granules. For industrial or commercial fertilizer ...

Granular Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment

In order to produce organic fertilizer pellets, you may adopt granulating equipment. Compared with powdery organic fertilizer production plants, there are more production plants for making granular organic fertilizer. And the manufacturing process is more complex and sophisticated.

Crushing equipment

Before manufacturing organic fertilizer granules, you should keep the purity and uniformity. Therefore, you should adopt crushing equipment to dispose potential caking, so as to guarantee the uniformity. Besides new type vertical crusher mentioned above, semi-wet material crusher is also available for organic fertilizer.

Semi Wet Organic Fertilizer Crusher
Semi Wet Organic Fertilizer Crusher

Semi-wet Material Crusher

  • Model: SF-40, 40 II, 60, 60 II, 90, 120
  • Capacity: 1-8 t/h
  • Size of final products (mesh): 50-80
  • Power: 22-75 kw
  • Application: Various organic waste with high water content

Fertilizer blending equipment

Fertilizer blending equipment can mix multiple materials evenly during fertilizer production. In this way, you can keep equal fertilizer effect. On the other hand, you can add other materials for making organic fertilizer with different functions, such as functional bacteria and so on. Mixing equipment can evenly mix these materials, which makes preparation for later steps. In addition, Henan Shunxin manufactures two kinds of mixing equipment, horizontal mixer and disc mixer. Both of them can quickly and evenly blend the fermented organic waste.

Horizontal mixer for making organic fertilizer
Horizontal mixer for making organic fertilizer

Horizontal Mixer

  • Model: WJ-7015, 9015, 1630
  • Capability: 2-15 t/h
  • Color: Cyan and beige(can be customized)
  • Application: It is available for mixing organic waste made from various organic wastes

Disc mixer for chicken poop organic fertilizer making
Disc mixer for chicken poop organic fertilizer making

Disc Mixer

  • Model: PJ-1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 3000
  • Capability: 2-12 t/h
  • Color: Cyan (can be customized)
  • Application: It is available for mixing organic waste made from various organic wastes

Screening equipment

High-quality organic fertilizer depends on good-quality raw materials. On the one hand, you can adopt screening equipment before granulating. After crushing, screening equipment will be used for separating impurities and unqualified particles from qualified organic fertilizer. The screening standard and classes can be set and customized. On the other hand, you can use it after granulating for selecting out unqualified pellets. And then unqualified pellets will be sent back to crushing equipment for secondary granulating by conveying equipment. Meanwhile, the qualified pellets will continue to enter next step.

Vibrating screen machine in Shunxin
Vibrating screen machine in Shunxin

Vibrating screen machine for organic fertilizer
Vibrating screen machine for organic fertilizer

Wet granulation equipment

Granulating process is the most important step in the whole production line. The granulator for making organic fertilizer pellets usually wet granulation. Powdery organic fertilizer will become pellets under the action of granulator and water or steam. As one of popular granulator manufactures in China, Shunxin provides three types organic fertilizer granulator. And they are New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator, Rotary Drum Churning Granulator and Disc/Pan Granulator, which are available for making all kinds of organic fertilizer. In addition, they are our patented products, whose granulating rate can achieve 93%.

Fertilizer Granulator for Granule Organic Fertilizer Production Process

Poultry Manure Pellet Machine

Poultry manure is a kind of common organic waste, which has multiple organic matters and elements. In addition, People often ...
Rotary drum granulator in SEEC

Wet Granulation Equipment

As we all know, organic waste will become nutrient-rich organic fertilizer after composting. You can use it directly. On the ...
New type organic fertilizer granulator in SEEC

Organic Fertilizer Granulation Machine

Organic fertilizer is often made from organic waste. By this way, you can both lower cost and decrease organic waste’s ...
Mini wet granulator

Pan Pelletizer

Pan pelletizer is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine, which is important equipment for granular organic fertilizer production line. After ...
New Developed Granulator for Organic Fertilizer Granulation

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

New type organic fertilizer granulator is a kind of wet granulation machine. Therefore, you can use it for converting powdery ...
Drying and cooling equipment

As mentioned above, the organic fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation. Therefore, you should dry the organic fertilizer pellets after granulating, so as to guarantee long-term storage and compact structure for transport and application. Shunxin Rotary Drum Drying Machine decreases the water content of organic fertilizer granules by high temperature. So you need to cool pellets to normal temperature after drying by Cooling Machine. On the one hand, cooling machine can decrease the pellets’ heat. On the other hand, it can take water content which sticks to the surface of granular organic fertilizer. By the two machines, organic fertilizer granules can be packaged for sale and other purposes.

Fertilizer Drier for Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Production
Fertilizer Drier for Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Production


Automated packaging equipment

For the mass production of organic fertilizer, automated packaging equipment can greatly improve production efficiency. Packaging equipment can realize quantitative packing. On the other hand, there are Single and Double Bucket Automatic Packing Scale for you to choose. If you have large output of organic fertilizer, you can adopt Double Bucket Automatic Packing Scale. Because it not only can improve the packaging efficiency, but also can produce two kinds of packaging size at the same time. If you need more functions, there are also sewing machine, infrared trimming and folding machine.


Ton Packaging Machine for Organic Fertilizer Plants
Ton Packaging Machine for Organic Fertilizer Plants

Other Auxiliary Organic Fertilizer Production Machines for You to Make High-quality Fertilizer

Besides the essential equipment mentioned above, you can also adopt some auxiliary machines for achieving higher standard. There are multiple machines, which ranges from composting to deep processing. And then we will introduce them in details.

Solid-liquid separation equipment

As we all know, water content is a key factor in organic waste composting. Before composting, you should control the water content of organic waste to 50%-60%. For organic waste with high water content, such as fresh pig manure, fresh cow dung, sludge, and so on, you should dehydrate them at first. Meanwhile, you can add some sawdust and rice straw to adjust water content and C/N ratio. Shunxin Solid-liquid Separation Equipment can help you to adjust water content of organic waste, whose water content set is also adjustable.

Cow Dung Processing Machine for Manure Dewatering
Cow Dung Processing Machine for Manure Dewatering

Solid-liquid separation equipment
Solid-liquid separation equipment

Fertilizer coating equipment

You can adopt fertilizer coating equipment after granulating. It adopts liquid coating technique, which can effectively prevent the lumps of organic fertilizer. On the other hand, you also can add functional bacteria in liquid and then coat the organic fertilizer pellets, which can improve the function of organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer coating machine
Fertilizer coating machine

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is used for connecting production plants, so as to form the complete production line. Our belt conveyor is movable, which is convenient for production process. It is featured with flexibility and steady operation.

Fertilizer Belt Conveyor
Fertilizer Belt Conveyor

Organic fertilizer polishing machine

After granulating, powdery organic fertilizer has become pellets. In order to make the pellets more beautiful and uniform, you can adopt organic fertilizer polishing machine to dispose the pellets. In addition, it belongs to the auxiliary equipment of granulating equipment.

Polishing machine for granular organic fertilizer
Polishing machine for granular organic fertilizer

What Services can Shunxin Provide You?

As a professional organic fertilizer equipment supplier, we have more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing organic fertilizer production equipment. We not only have stronger team to develop and design new type equipment, but also have multiple workshops and sophisticated instruments to manufacture equipment. We dedicate to providing high-quality equipment and services for our customers.

Customized service: Besides our specific model, if you have special requirements on equipment, we can customize it according to your actual needs.
Advice and design on plant construction: Besides advanced equipment, if you have no idea on plant construction or production plan, our engineer can design the optimum scheme according to your budget, site area and raw materials.
Professional installation and operation instruction: If you do not know how to arrange plant or operate equipment after buying our equipment, we can designate technical personnel to give you site instruction. In the middle of December, our technical personnel went to India, and gave them site instruction on the equipment installation and plant design.

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